Of Voyeurism and Explorers Ep. 1

Grace was never ashamed of or perturbed by discussions of a sexual nature. Her mother raised her to be very comfortable with regard to such topics. No questions were taboo and no part of her body was something to avoid acquainting herself with. This was in part due to the fact that Grace’s mother was raised by strict Baptist parents who were all about hellfire and brimstone and couldn’t have cared less about arming their children with facts or self confidence. Therefore, Grace was always encouraged to ask any questions that came to mind. This led to some pretty hilariously awkward moments, but her mother always found a way to explain things without making Grace feel silly or abashed. Once, when she was twelve or so, Grace asked her mom, “What does an orrgasm feel like?” Even as an adult, the response she was given seemed to be the best possible way to describe the feeling of a growing pre-teen. “It’s like being tickled, but it feels good, then it builds to an explosion.”

She didn’t quite comprehend the meaning at the time, but three years later, when Grace began experimenting, it became quite clear that the explanation couldn’t have been more accurate. Years went by, and she became more and more acquainted with what she liked and what she didn’t. Her body became a delight any time she was alone and moved to explore. Now, as a woman in her early thirties, she had it down to a science. Chilly room, warm blanket over her, lights off, porn of choice on, some rapid and deft finger play on the clitoris and BOOM! Job done, wash up, go to sleep. The only real variance was the type of porn she felt like watching that particular day or night. She had different partners throughout the years, but always kept her masturbation routine private and unchanged. No one could make her cum the way she could make herself do it, so why change anything? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, as the saying goes. 

Grace had used toys in the bedroom with different partners and had enjoyed using them on said partners, but never really tried them on herself as she never saw a need. That all changed when she met Jezebel. Yes, Jezebel. Her parents actually named her that, and yes she hated it when people asked. Most times she would just introduce herself as Jezzie and try to avoid the whole conversation. If it came up she would simply say, “My parents wanted to make sure I had no choice but to be a feminist liberal or a homewrecking prostitute,” followed by a very serious stare. That usually shut people up without further discussion. 

The two met on a dating website, cliche indeed. Jezzie had approached her with a joke about the irony of being with a woman named Grace when she had been gifted the name Jezebel. Grace had responded, saying that it would actually be quite poetic that Jezebel found Grace and the two hit it off. They began to get to know one another in a quite typical fashion at first, feeling one another out a little at a time. They were polar opposites not only in name, but in appearance as well. Both women were quite voluptuous, though Jezzie had a habit of wearing baggier clothing than Grace. Grace was pale in the winter and a bit tan in the summer, depending on how much time she was able to spend outdoors. She had hair the color of honey, which shimmered in the sunlight. Jezzie had lovely ebony skin, the color of melted dark chocolate, and dark hair that was black as night and cut close to her scalp. It seemed to always be freshly lined and not a hair out of place, at least in photos and video chat. 

Despite the differences on the surface, the two had much in common. They shared a love for horror movies, books of all kinds and music of most genres. They talked throughout the day and night whenever they had a spare moment. Grace made a considerable effort to keep the conversations away from sexual topics for a while, explaining that she wanted something based on more than just sex. Jezzie shared the sentiment, but as time went on it became increasingly difficult to avoid the topic. Their connection was fire, and Grace simply could not stop her mind from heading in that direction.She wondered what it would feel like to touch Jezzie. How she would kiss, what she would sound like when she moaned her name, what she would smell like, how she would taste. But still, Grace tried to keep her mind focused on anything else, which became exponentially more difficult the day that Jezzie asked her in a very blunt message, “How do you like to cum?”

Grace was floored at the message, mainly because it seemed to come out of left field. Even still, she felt her center stir instantly in response to the question, thrumming to life like a tiny heartbeat between her legs. She took a deep breath and considered the question. How did she like to cum? Grace had never really considered the specifics, and didn’t want to seem inexperienced, so she responded rather coyly.


Jezzie replied, “ So are you rough with yourself?”

Grace didn’t know how to answer these specific questions. She had always been asked what she liked in the bedroom with a partner or how she liked to be fucked. No one had ever asked her about how she pleased herself. She gave it some thought and then decided to be honest. “I haven’t really given it much thought. It depends on my mood I guess, but for the most part I have had the same routine since forever. Sort of an orgasm formula for myself, in and out and on to the next order of business.”

“So do you penetrate yourself then, or just stroke your clit?”

Now Grace was beginning to squirm in her seat. Given that she was at work in her desk chair and in relatively plain view of her fellow employees, she bit her lip and forced herself to be still and quiet as her clit began to swell. It wasn’t the thought of pleasuring herself that was turning her on. It was the fact that Jezzie had now made it clear she had at least some sexual thoughts about Grace. Her interest was unbearably arousing and this was so not the time to be aroused. Still, Grace couldn’t bring herself to change the subject. Not yet.

“No, I don’t penetrate myself, I just rub my clit. Slowly at first because it is so sensitive to touch. Then faster and faster until it’s almost a vibration. When I climax I slow down again, but then have to take my finger away because it gets too intense.”

The three little dots indicating Jezzie was typing were mocking Grace as she sat staring at her phone, not at all paying attention to the work on her desk. She was clenching her thighs and at the very same time she was nearly biting her nails in anxiety. Had she given too much? Too little? Finally a message popped up on her phone.

“Almost a vibration? Finger? As in one finger? So, do you ever use any toys?”

Grace felt her face get hot and knew it must be glowing red. All at once she felt juvenile, like a schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher. She had never had someone make her feel this way, but somehow the embarrassment seemed to excite her even more. Her pussy was now soaking through her lace panties and dampening the skirt she was wearing. She squirmed again, rubbing her clit against that wetness and let a small whimper escape her lips before she remembered her surroundings. 

“Well, no,” Grace typed. “I have never used toys on myself, or had them used on me actually…though I have used them on others, I have always just gotten off from skin on skin. But can we pin the subject please? I’m at work and, well…there’s a bit of a situation happening.”

Jezzie’s reply was lightning quick. “A situation? Because of the conversation? What situation? And how would changing the subject help?”

Grace couldn’t figure out if Jezzie was being devilish or honestly didn’t know the effect she was having, but either way the pulse between her thighs was only growing faster and more insistent. She was going to wind up soaking her chair if she wasn’t careful. “Well, Jezzie, to be blunt, my panties are wet and I am wearing a very thin skirt and can’t keep from squirming. I’m sorry if this is too much information, but you asked.” 

“Perfect,” Jezzie responded. “That’s exactly how I want you. Now follow my instructions. When you finish reading this message, I want you to put your phone on vibrate, if it’s not already. The setting where the vibration pulses as the phone rings. Then I want you to sit right there at your desk, place your phone tight up against that wetness and sit on it as I call you over and over. Do not get up, do not remove the phone and do not make a sound. You’re surrounded by people, so act normal. Do your job, and let me make you cum. Hard. You can pick up the phone when I stop calling. You have 20 seconds. Get comfortable, Grace. XOXO”

Without thinking too much, Grace turned on the requested setting and discreetly placed her phone where instructed. There was a part of her that was aghast and protesting furiously, but her aching wetness and pounding heart overruled any thought of just pretending to follow directions. Just as she got comfortable, her phone started to vibrate with a phone call. It was so strong and so sudden she let out a gasp of surprise before she could stop herself. She looked around her and saw a few glances her way, but no undue interest. She pulled away a little and then remembered she also was instructed not to get up. She bit her lip again, harder this time, and breathed deeply, trying to look like she was focused on work. It felt so good! As the pulse continued, she began to grind slowly into it. She thought about the fact that Jezzie was the one doing it to her, calling over and over, and that Jezzie knew she was doing it, and she got hot all over. Her blood was boiling in ecstasy, yet Grace could only whimper ever so quietly and press harder down into the vibration that seemed to be taking over her body. The pressure built in her and her breathing quickened. She worked to keep it even and quiet and her body begged her to buck wildly as she gripped the arms of her chair, digging her nails in and battling to keep control of herself. People would see! They were sure to know what she was doing. Still, the buzzing continued, coaxing and pushing her until finally she gasped once more and held her breath to keep from screaming as she climaxed in her chair. The vibration kept going until she thought she would have to leap to her feet to keep from moaning out loud, but her legs were too weak and her body had a mind of its own. She squirmed and centered the phone squarely on her most sensitive part and pushed down. Grace tasted blood as she bit down on her bottom lip and forced herself to feel every moment until ecstasy became pain. Just as she was losing the last bit of control she had, the buzzing finally stopped. Her whole body sagged as she let out a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

Grace stood, wobbly at first, then grabbed her phone and headed to the restroom to try to clean up. As she walked, she messaged Jezzie. “Wow. Not to sound lame, but that was incredible”

“You’re welcome,” Jezzie replied. “You should know that as I was calling you, I was using my toy as well. I am going to send you a shopping list. There are some toys you need to pick up. Because the next time you come, sweetheart, I’m going to be watching it happen.” 

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