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A Word From the Author

Hello and welcome to Adult Stories With Tori, a place of respite and a place of intrigue. Here in these pages you will find a variety of short stories with, as they say, spice. An array of erotic encounters awaits you, tales that rose from my mind to fingertips to what you see before you. Of one thing you can be sure. Like a skilled and patient lover, each experience will leave you thirsting for the next. Luxuriate with me in your desire, passion, exhilaration and, yes, even fear. Let’s explore the dark recesses of our imagination together, one story at a time.

Latest Story

  • Movie Night
    Tonight Willa intended to make it through the damn movie. It was a scary movie she had been dying to watch, but she never watched them alone. Trouble was, any time she tried to watchContinue reading “Movie Night”

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