The Plan

***Disclaimer: The story below contains graphic descriptions of gore and violence, as well as SA. Please read responsibly. Why couldn’t she just do it? It wasn’t hard and she’d done it enough times that it should feel downright routine at this point. Of course, each job was different from the last in some ways, butContinue reading “The Plan”

Of Voyeurism and Explorers Ep. 1

Grace was never ashamed of or perturbed by discussions of a sexual nature. Her mother raised her to be very comfortable with regard to such topics. No questions were taboo and no part of her body was something to avoid acquainting herself with. This was in part due to the fact that Grace’s mother wasContinue reading “Of Voyeurism and Explorers Ep. 1”

Ashes: The Beginning

 It’s incredible how no matter what tragedy or disaster strikes a person’s life, they are still surrounded by people going about life as if nothing happened.  Of course you have the people in your immediate circle who were, depending on the circumstance, either directly or indirectly affected by it. But as she sat in theContinue reading “Ashes: The Beginning”