Private Office

Comfort or aesthetics? Rose wasn’t sure which to go with, and she was already running late. She was dressing for a meeting she had with her boss that day, an important one, and so she wanted to look her best but also wanted to be focused on the task at hand. Rose had been the top performer for months running, her team constantly blowing the goals out of the water, and today was her performance review. She was in a position to negotiate for not just a well deserved promotion, but also an office of her own and a much more robust salary. She just wanted to make sure she felt her most confident and secure when dealing with her boss, because Sean could be quite a prick when he wanted to be. He was reasonable enough, Rose supposed, but he always tried to make you feel like there was more you could be doing. His favorite saying was, “ What else could we have done to make it even better?” And today was Rose’s day, she was going to make damn sure of  it. She had chosen a grey pencil skirt, knee length with a tasteful slit on the side that kept it business professional but also comfy. She had paired this with a white collared button down blouse with frilled sleeves that left her feeling powerful and pretty. The heels she chose were also not the issue, they screamed pretty, powerful professional and were still easy to walk in all day. No, the trouble was the panties. If she wore the comfortable cotton panties, she would have a visible panty line. Something so silly shouldn’t bother her, she knew, but it did. Everyone wore undergarments, and no one in the workplace should be looking for the outline of hers, but there it was on her mind anyway. But if she wore the lace thong or even the cotton thong, she would run the risk of it riding up at the wrong time and causing her to be distracted. Rose’s attention to detail was one of the things that made her so excellent at her job, but right now it was driving her crazy.

“Fuck it.” Rose said it outloud and threw all her panty choices back in the drawer. Her panties wouldn’t be able to bother or distract her if she just didn’t wear any, and as a matter of fact, as she walked to her car, the extra breeze between her legs seemed to empower her further, a type of secret freedom that no one could take from her. After all, the devil is in the details, she thought, and laughed to herself. She was so going to be moving into her new office this week. Maybe even today. 

Rounding the corner into the restroom to check her makeup before heading into Sean’s office, Rose heard a familiar voice call out shrilly, “Can you believe it? They fired  him!!” It was Debbie, one of the other managers from the site, and someone who couldn’t resist even the faintest bit of gossip. Debbie was talking to another coworker of theirs, and Rose skirted around the conversation, trying to avoid eye contact, to no avail. “Rose! They fired Sean!” Rose felt her face fall before she could catch herself. What did this mean for her performance review? Her raise? Her office? “Shit,” Rose said. “I know! Apparently he was taking money from the budget to pay for certain, um, people’s personal expenses.” Debbie put this last in air quotes, raising her eyebrows lasciviously and then cackled. Rose didn’t say anything to that, just nodded and walked out of the bathroom, determined to find out what was going to happen next. Sean was no great loss, in her opinion, but she also didn’t care about the rumour mill that would no doubt be circulating about his unexpected departure. He was the site director, so there was no one on site above him to speak to typically, but somebody would have had to come give him the axe. And that somebody was who she needed to see. 

Rose headed for Sean’s office first and it turned out to be great instinct on her part. She  entered the office with the door slightly ajar and found a woman seated at his former desk, looking irritatedly at a pile of mess and paperwork in front of her. “Hello, I’m Rose Garner,” Rose walked up to the desk, offering a handshake to the woman who looked up, surprised, but not hostile. The woman stood and accepted her handshake with a warm firm grasp just long enough to feel the strength in her hand but not so long that it became aggressive. Rose met her eyes as she said, “Hi Ms. Garner, my name is Gabrielle Trent. You can call me Gabby.Sean has moved on to other opportunities and I am here in the interim to appoint a replacement for him.”

“Thank you, Gabby. Please, call me Rose. I actually came to see if there was an option to have you, or maybe the person you intend to appoint, conduct my performance review? I realize that there is a lot going on at the moment, but it is something I have been looking forward to and would very much appreciate.” 

Gabby smiled in an inviting and knowing way. “A woman who is focused on her goals is a beautiful thing,” she said. “As it happens, I am familiar with you, and with your performance review results. You are consistently on top, it would seem.” Rose felt herself flush with pride a bit at this, and was suddenly more aware of her bare bottom and other areas. She moved towards a chair in the office and Gabby followed her lead, taking a seat as well. As Rose sat, she felt a fluttering between her legs. Must be misplaced nerves, she thought. Though it had not escaped her notice that Gabby was a very attractive woman. She was tall and statuesque, with womanly curves accentuated by her well tailored pants suit. She was masculine presenting, but had an undeniable femininity to her features with, plump lips, a beautiful smile and bright, sharp eyes that met hers unflinchingly and confidently. Oh yes, the woman was lovely. Distractingly so. 

“Rose? You with me?” Rose was mortified to realize she had spent an inordinate amount of seconds simply looking at Gabby, taking her in, and not speaking at all. “Yes! Of course, sorry about that.” She shook her head with an awkward smile. “You were saying you had seen the performance review?” Gabby smiled again at this, giving Rose direct eye contact as she said, “Yes, and that you are always on top.” Rose blushed harder than she should at this, since she was sure she was imagining the double entendre, and said “Yes well, I like to be the best at what I do.” 

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“Clearly.” Gabby said this with that same smile on her face and then continued. “As I mentioned, I am here to appoint a replacement for the site director position. We have already decided that if you are up for it, we would like to offer that position to you. The papers are all here, ready to be reviewed and signed and you can also take over the office, with apologies for the cleaning you will have to do in here after your predecessor ” Rose was struck speechless for a moment. This position was several leaps up the ladder for her, and she knew she could do it, but had expected to have to climb her way up a bit longer. “Wow, that’s amazing! Of course I accept.” Rose paused for a moment and then said, “but..” Gabby raised a questioning eyebrow at her in a way that caused Rose to actually clench her thighs. This woman was dangerously attractive. Rose stammered a bit, stumbling over the distraction and then righted herself, “I’d like a different office.” 

Gabby laughed at that, a husky, sultry sound that seemed more at home in a bedroom than a workplace. “I’m sure that can be arranged, which office were you thinking about?”

“It’s probably easier if I show you,” Rose said, and stood. Gabby stood at the same time and gestured towards the door. “After you Rose.” 

Rose walked down the hallway towards the office she had set her sights on. It was a corner office, away from all of the daily hustle and bustle. It was quiet and more secluded than the rest, with blinds on the windows that she thought would make for a very comfortable workspace when she just wanted to focus. As she walked, Rose became increasingly aware of heat growing from between her legs and up her back. She knew, right to her core, that Gabby was watching her walk. The breeze between her legs where panties were absent caused a shiver of pleasure to thrill through her, and she realized that she was growing wet. Noticeably wet. She felt the slick slip of her lower lips against one another as she neared the door, opened it and then turned to find Gabby still smiling and walking up behind her with a swagger that only comes with the knowledge that you were just given a show for an audience of one. Gabby stepped inside the office next to Rose and made a show of looking around. There was a large desk, a chair, filing cabinets and some office supplies scattered about. 

“Why this office, Rose?” Gabby looked at her, really looked at her, taking in the view from top to bottom, lingering on her lips, neck, breasts, hips and legs, as if memorizing the curves. It was Rose’s turn to smile knowingly. They were playing a dangerous game, both of them knew, but whether it was the excitement over her new position, this woman’s unbelievable allure, or the empowerment of having on no panties and soaking her inner thighs with her own juices as she walked, Rose was  in no mood for caution. “It’s…private,” Rose said, and closed the door, stepping in closer to Gabby. She could smell her cologne, and her skin, salty and sweet at once. “That it is, Rose. Very, very private.” Gabby pushed up against her, sending a thrill through Rose from her center through to her fingertips and drawing a gasp from her. Gabby looked directly into her eyes and said, “I’m going to fuck you, Rose,” as she closed the blinds. Rose whispered against Gabby’s lips, “yes, please,” and kissed the other woman deeply. 

Gabby wrapped her arms around Rose, pulling her tight into the kiss and grinding against her most sensitive parts. A whimper came from between Rose’s lips and was met with another laugh from Gabby’s. Gabby slid her hands around Rose’s ass, cupping it and squeezing it as she explored her mouth with her tongue, caressing, sucking, biting and savoring her taste.  Rose’s wetness had grown into a flood between her legs and her clit was now roaring with demand, needing to be touched. “Please,” she groaned and moved as if to push Gabby down into the chair. “No, no, Rose. You’re always on top, and I think you deserve a break, don’t you?” Gabby grabbed her by the throat, firmly but not painfully, and pushed her back onto the desk, laying her back on it lengthwise. She kissed her again, pushing the skirt up above her hips and as her fingers found bare skin, she laughed once more. “No panties today? Did you know I was coming?” Before Rose could answer, Gabby ran a finger over her swollen clit, firm and slow. Rose cried out and Gabby said, “Shhh baby, private doesn’t mean sound proof. Be a good girl for me and let me give you what you deserve. Be quiet and take it.” Rose bucked her hips against Gabby’s touch, impossibly thrilled by the taboo of it all and by the way this woman moved and touched her, like she knew every secret her body held. Gabby inserted her fingers in Rose’s wetness, stretching her tightness and testing the space there, then stroking in her while her thumb massaged the pearl tongue. She kissed her deeply, penetrating her mouth with her tongue and mirroring those strokes with her fingers, finding a slow, firm and deep rhythm that Rose caught and moved along with helplessly. She fought to keep quiet as the pressure built and the pleasure mounted. She whimpered and whispered over and over, “Please, Gabby please, please.” 

“Look at you, such a good girl, so pretty as you come apart under me.” Gabby whispered this huskily and groaned in pleasure. “You’re so wet, baby. So fucking wet for me. I’m gonna taste you as you cum for me.” And with that, Gabby moved her mouth quickly downward and sealed her lips against Rose’s pussy, sucking and flicking her tongue, hot and wet, over and over that swollen wound, teasing it with her teeth and then sucking it again. Rose reached out and grabbed on to Gabby’s arms and pumped her hips against that rhythm, thrusting and bucking and fighting for control. Gabby pinned her down and said “Stop fucking moving and let me take it.” She then pushed one finger inside Rose and sucked harder, massaging inside and outside at once and moaned against her wetness. Her moans grew and rhythm sped and finally Rose begged “Please, I need to cum, I need it!” Gabby pushed deeper and her body went rigid with pleasure as she said, “Cum with me, now!” Rose came undone from her very core, eyes rolling back and nails digging in as groans of pure ecstasy came from Gabby’s lips and vibrated against her climax. They moved their bodies as one, riding the wave of pleasure until both of them trembled with release. 

Gabby stood shakily and smiled, licking her lips. “Well Rose,” she said. “I think this office will do just fine.”  

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