Movie Night

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Tonight Willa intended to make it through the damn movie. It was a scary movie she had been dying to watch, but she never watched them alone. Trouble was, any time she tried to watch any movie with Arlo, they wound up entangled in one another’s embrace and missing the whole thing. Not that Willa minded the entanglement. As a matter of fact she quite enjoyed it, every single time. Arlo made sure of that. Having said that though, Willa was determined to spend quality time doing something other that fucking tonight. Sure, she and Arlo would go out to the movies, go hiking, take day trips to local destinations and things of that nature. They spent quite a bit of time doing fun things with one another and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company, but as soon as the two of them were behind closed doors, they could not keep their hands off of one another. Being around Arlo, even doing casual, benign things, made Willa wet. As soon as matters took a turn for the more intimate, her whole body lit up from the core, nearly vibrating with the need for his touch. He seemed always to be a kiss or touch away from complete arousal as well. One minute, she would be leaning in for an innocent kiss, the next minute she would be straddling the hardness pushing at the seam of his pants, begging him to fill her up with it. They had been loving one another for five years, and had yet to finish a single movie at home together. Tonight was the night.

Willa chose a comfy cotton pink dress, more of a nightshirt than anything. It was cute rather than sexy, and that was exactly the vibe she was going for. She put her hair up in a bun, thinking it would keep him from getting distracted by playing with it, put on simple cotton panties, her pink bra and finished the look with matching pink socks. “There,” she said, smiling at herself in the mirror. She felt adorable, truth be told, and knew Arlo would think the same. She put some popcorn in the microwave and then heard his key in the door. Smiling again, she poured them each a drink, and laughed, leaning into him as he came up behind her and pulled her tight to him. “Mmmm, hi baby,” Arlo said and kissed her on the back of her bare neck. The touch was so light, but placed in such a sensitive spot that she nearly dropped their drinks as her body reacted. She let out a tiny whimper before she could stop herself, and set them on the counter, turning to face him. Poking a finger teasingly into his chest Willa gave him her best scowl, “No funny business tonight mister! We are watching this movie. Through and through.” He laughed and said of course they were, the whole thing, and then raised his hand in a “Scout’s Honor” gesture. He had never been a boy scout, Willa knew, but she nodded just the same and handed him his drink. She kissed him quickly on the lips, and even that minute contact sent a thrill through her. The fact that this man was hers, that this love was theirs, it amazed her every day. As did the fact that her body continued to crave him as if the love were still new and fresh. She turned around quickly before he could see the longing in her face and pulled the popcorn from the microwave. “Can you queue it up while I finish this popcorn business? I’m going to put a little cinnamon and sugar on it tonight.” He smiled and saluted her, “Ma’am, yes ma’am,” and headed to the living room couch to get the movie ready. Willa took a deep steadying breath, placing her hands on the counter as she did so. Tonight we are watching this damn movie, she reminded herself, even as she felt her slickness beginning to soak into her panties.

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“This popcorn is delicious,” Arlo said as he took a few more pieces and popped them into his mouth. The movie was just getting started and she smiled as she snuggled close to the warmth of him. “Scared already?” he laughed. “Shut up,” she said laughingly. He put his arm around her and said, “I got you babygirl.” Willa looked up at him and smiled, inviting him to kiss her as she did. He obliged gently at first, and then just a bit more forcefully as his tongue slid between her parting lips. He moaned into her mouth and she pulled away, almost jarringly. “Don’t you start, Arlo. It’s movie night, where people watch movies together.” She heard the huskiness in her voice as she said this, making it far less convincing, but he sat back and put a hand up, as if showing himself to mean no harm. Willa knew he meant no harm, of course, he would never harm her. She also knew he would not push the issue if she didn’t want it. The challenge was that she did want it. She wanted him, damn it, as she always did. Still, she wanted to see this movie, and it was only a couple of hours. After that, they could enjoy one another until each was sated and exhausted from pleasure. Just a couple of hours, she reminded herself. It couldn’t be that hard.

Hard. God he got so hard for her. The sensory memory of feeling his manhood at its fullest made her gasp quietly, but he didn’t seem to notice. She looked down and saw that, yes, he was hard indeed. The considerable length of him created a noticeable bulge in his sweatpants. Like Beauty, reaching for the spindle under the spell of the witch, her hand reached for him, caressing the head of him through the thin cloth of his pants and underwear, drawing from him a hiss of surprise and pleasure. “Oh no, Princess,” he said. “Don’t get distracted.” He pushed her hand away, but slowly, letting her trail her fingers over him as she moved. “I’m not distracted,” Willa said, voice breathy, belying her words. She sighed and cuddled closer to him and turned to watch the movie. The movement drew small sounds from her as she felt the wetness between her thighs growing, clenching as her center began to swell. Already her body was begging for him. She had no idea what was going on in the movie, and despite her best efforts, didn’t seem to be able to focus on it. Her eyes kept wandering down to the throbbing hardness of him. “Fuck,” she whispered wth feeling. He looked down at her and asked, “What is it, love?” His own voice was trembling just a bit at the edges. Willa stared into his eyes, letting the full heat she felt shine through them. “I’m having trouble focusing on the movie.”

“Is that right?” He said it in a teasing tone. “Let me help you, Princess,” Arlo said. He pulled his hardness from his pants, allowing her to see that he was, indeed, throbbing for her. She moaned then, reaching for it, but he surprised her by taking her wrist and turning her gently, but firmly, away from him. “I don’t think that’s helping love. That’s teasing.” He said nothing, but instead trailed his hands up her thighs, lifting her pink cotton nightie and stopping at the edge of her panties. Chills broke out across her body and she shivered, closing her eyes at the intensity of the pleasure. “Stand up and face the TV,” There was no compromise in his voice, only expectation to be obeyed. “Yes, Sir,” Willa answered, trembling as she rose to her feet. Wordlessly, he pushed her legs apart as she stood, then slowly, ever so slowly, he pulled her panties down to her ankles. She made as if to turn and face him and he gripped her hips, “Don’t move until I tell you to, Princess.” Willa’s whole body felt as if electricity were coursing through it, and for a moment she couldn’t respond. Arlo smacked her ass cheek in a swift movement that made a satisfying sound and stung just enough, without being too much. “What do you say?” He asked expectantly. “Yes, Sir,” she whimpered. She felt as if her legs were going to give out from underneath her. Her center had become molten hot liquid and she could feel it beginning to trail down her inner thighs as she stood. “Step out of your panties, Princess. You are going to sit on this dick. When you do, you will be completely still, watching the movie. I am going to ask you what is going on in the movie at random, and you are going to tell me. Each time you can’t tell me will be another lashing on that beautiful ass of yours. Understood?” Willa answered Arlo with the expected, “Yes, Sir.” They had, of course, already negotiated the ins and outs of these interactions, making sure any boundaries were set and safe words in place. Still, Willa delighted in the fear that mingled with her need for him. Arlo was a fierce man and intense lover, and he knew exactly how to walk that line between pleasure and pain.

Willa stepped out of her panties, then backed towards Arlo, putting one foot on the outside of each of his, spreading her wetness open with her fingers as she sank slowly down onto him. He was not only long, but wide as well, and she worked her warmth down around him inch by delicious inch. He groaned with pleasure as she did so, and as he reached the end of her, she gasped with a little pain sound, mixed with so very much pleasure. He filled her up and she reveled in the sensation. “What’s happening in the movie right now, baby girl?” Arlo growled. He knew she had not been paying attention, and she knew he knew. “But, Sir,” she began. He slapped her bottom just hard enough to sting and she felt herself clench around him as he did it. She yelped at the sting, but the yelp quickly turned into a moan as he pushed up and ground himself into her as deep as he could go. She squirmed on him, but Arlo gripped her hips and stilled her. “Focus, Princess,” he said chidingly. He pulled his length from her by inches and said, “Be good for me, now.” Willa did her best to focus on the film. The main character was currently running from the villain, barely escaping. She was starting to catch on to the plot a little when Arlo thrust himself up into her again, his hands like a vice on her hips, keeping her in place. She cried out for him then, all coherent thought wiped from her mind. “Sir!” He said nothing for a time, but simply pushed into her, withdrew, pushed in, withdrew, fucking up into her wetness while she fought to stay still for it. He stopped suddenly, jarringly breaking the rhythm and said in a voice gone deep with his own need, “What’s happening in the movie, love?” She had completely forgotten the movie, her directions, everything but the feel of him massaging her walls as he moved in her. “Sir, don’t – “ This smack was harder. It left a burning sensation on the skin of her bottom for a moment and she knew it would leave the shape of his hand on her skin. She clenched tight on him, first in response, then in rebellion. She wasn’t allowed to moved, but he couldn’t stop her from squeezing her wetness around him, flexing her inner muscles to torture him in his need. “Oh,” he groaned huskily, ”you’re not playing fair.” She smiled knowingly and released her hold on him, only to clench up again a moment later.

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Arlo released his hold on one of her hips and placed it around her throat firmly, pressing just to the sides of her windpipe so as not to cut off her air, but instead to make her lightheaded and bring her closer to her threshold. He pulled her against him like that, then kissed the back of her neck as he had when he’d first arrived. He kissed, licked and then began to suck that spot as if he were sucking on her more intimate bits. He kept the pressure on her throat and his other hand on her hip and began to fuck her in earnest. The rhythm was fierce and deep, making wet sounds as her wetness poured over him. “Sir, please, please may I cum for you,” she asked, not knowing if she could hold on even a minute more. “Yes, Princess, take me with you.” Arlo began to stutter in his rhythm for just a moment and then he reached around her front and began to massage her pearl tongue and he fucked her. That final touch sent her over the edge and she screamed her orgasm as she bucked against his tight grip, feeling him come apart beneath her as she did. He dug his nails into her, just enough to walk that knife’s edge of pain and moaned for her as he came. Her orgasms came in waves, each time she would start to catch her breath, he would move in her and she was lost in the throes of yet another one. Finally, when her body felt completely drained, she stilled atop him. She opened her eyes to see the ending credits of the movie and smiled, too satisfied to be annoyed at herself. She leaned back against him, feeling him beginning finally to soften and said, “Well, technically, we finished the movie.”

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