Killing Us Back

Photo by Pok Rie on

As near as anyone can tell, it started with the fish. All fish, from small to giant and everything in between. Not just ones in the wild either. We are talking about any fish still alive enough to swim. Those in tanks began launching themselves against their glass, the small moving in unison and battering the same spot on their tanks until they cracked the glass or killed themselves. The larger the fish, the greater the damage. Those in the wild did the same, but instead of destroying glass, they turned on any watercraft that they found. Now if you’re thinking about a little goldfish in a bowl, this may seem like nothing. But imagine the largest fish you’ve ever seen, a sturgeon maybe, and then multiply it by however many could be in the wild in a given area. The news was reporting some kind of waterborne pathogen. Ships were being sunk, then the lifeboats the survivors floated in were attacked. This is a good time to remember that sharks are a species of fish too. And oh yes, they were there. And had themselves a good old fashioned smorgasbord of people. There was chaos everywhere, violence breaking out over the last case of purified water in the store, having to search high and low for any within hours of the first news reports. It began with the fish, but it didn’t stop there. 

Photo by Wendelin Jacober on

All creatures, even the smallest in creation, are capable of a terrible strength when in numbers. Humans, thinking of ourselves as a superior being with the capacity for, “higher thought,” have implemented animals of all kinds into our lives. Factory farms, domesticated pets, breeders, zoos, hell we live in a world full of them, and tend to walk around giving the birds or wasps or butterflies no more than a passing glance. Trouble is, they started seeing us. Birds began swooping down and attacking any person they laid eyes on, man, woman or child. Insects of all kinds were swarming, biting, stinging and eating at any human foolish enough to go outdoors. Families were attacked and killed by their family dogs, cats, and my neighbor was stomped to death by his mule and two horses. Emergency services couldn’t get anywhere without being attacked themselves. So they told everyone, “Stay inside, hunker down, do not leave your homes.” And for a while that seemed to work. But how long can you stand off with Mother Nature? Not long, I don’t guess. The animals started seeking us out in our homes. Bugs getting in where they could, larger animals breaking windows, bears tearing down doors. Dairy cows were reported to have stomped anyone who got near them to death. The same was true of the bulls and other livestock around the country. It is as if some divine need for reckoning has overcome the animal kingdom at large. As I write this, I am hunkered in my bedroom and there is a flock of buzzards circling outside. I know they are coming for me. I watched them go from house to house, shattering windows and invading homes. There were a few gunshots here and there, but it always ended in screams. Then they come out of that house and move to the next, ravenous. I am not a smart man, but one thought has crossed my mind over and over as I wait to be sent to my maker. The creator has gotten fed up and so have the creatures we have used and abused since the dawn of time. The animals are killing us back. 

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